We manufacture the skin that decorates its packaging

Creatively we advise and orient you in the process of design and manufacture of its Sleeve. In order to offer the best solution for your product work stand out from the others!
Universal Sleeve offers a comprehensive service. Our flexibility will allow you to launch your projects in record time, meeting their release dates. The experience of our team will advise you on all your Sleeve decisive for a success steps. Present in all markets (dairy, chilled drinks, liquor, wine, chemical, sauces, pharmacy, etc) our Sleeve and provides a differential quality finish.

Call us and we will advise to know your best choice!


The placement of the Sleeve can be automatic or manual, depending on the availability of an automatic placement machine. Shrinking can be with an electrical or steam oven. There are multiple options depending on the production speed required, packaging type, etc.

Example of sleeve packaging